7th Dec 2019

FEA KICKBOXING WGP the 7th Dec 2019

       FEA KICKBOXING WGP 2019 - Final tournament of the year and real kickboxing harmony. Adrenaline, unpredictability, sports excitement and skill - all this was present at the final year of the FEA KICKBOXING WGP 2019 tournament. The tournament was held in a new hall, where everything is very convenient, very thought out and comfortable for both spectators and fighters.

24 August 2019

FEA WORLD GP ODESSA 24 August 2019

       Official promo FEA WORLD GP ODESSA !!! 24 August 2019 !!!   UNDERCARD FEA WORLD GP,  August 24th 2019  Super Fight weight -65kg 3min x 3R, extra 1R  K-1 rules (Ukraine) Maxim  Krat vs Dmitry Dergunov (Ukraine) Winner Dmitry Dergunov  by TKO Super Fight weight -73kg 3min

March 30th, 2019

FEA WGP vol.28. March 30th, 2019. Chisinau

  March the 30th FEA WORLD GP 2019 vol. 28 Two Grand Prix’s will determine the winners of two championship belts!!! Super-fights with world renowned fighters, and young debutants at the start of their path.  Saturday night, three part tournament, which will overwhelm even the skeptics. Manej Arena will turn into a modern day coliseum. Where fighters, like gladiators, will show their

December 8th. 2018

FEA vol.27. December 8th. 2018. Chisinau

FEA vol.27. December 8th. 2018. Chisinau.                FEA vol.27 Undercard. Superfight  weight -65kg. 3min X 3r, extra 1R, K-1 rules (Moldova) Marin Vetrila vs Nicolai Lupasco (Moldova) Winner  Marin Vetrila by TKO, 1R, 2:48. Superfight  weight -77kg. 3min X 3r, extra 1R, K-1 rules (Romania) Marius Ursache  vs Artur Brinza (Moldova)

October 6th 2018

FEA WORLD SERIES 2018, October 6th.

    Live on feafights.tv
    FEA PRESENTS - KOK ELIMINATION TOURNAMENT 2018.  Young stars with boiling blood - Petru Morari,   The co-main event of the evening –  The duel for the right to challenge Renita, Dmitrii Sirbu versus Martynas Danius The main event of the evening - The long-awaited

March 24 . 2018

FEA presents! Crazy Fighting Night!

  FEA presents! Crazy Fighting Night! Unforgettable combat evening, full of excitement and adrenaline. 3 parts, 18 bouts. FEA CHAMPIONSHIP - fights involving young fighters, among them - there are those who already proved themselves, they are the future champions. The rising star - Donna Keli and the young striker - Mina Manoli.  KOK Heroes Series 36 in Chisinau – Final 4 – up to 65

December 9th. 2017

KOK 53 in Moldova.

      Official promo KOK 53 in Moldova.  Lightweight title fight. (Holland) Shonzinyo Abena vs Cristian Dorel (Moldova). KOK 53 in Moldova. December 9-th Manej Arena.     RESULTS KOK 53 in Moldova Part 1 KOK HEROS 2017 undercard KOK HEROS 2017/ WOMAN`S STRAWWEIGHT -54 KG, KOK rules 3R X 2M (Moldova) DONNA CHELI VS IRINA IMCIC (Moldova) Winner DONNA

September 30th 2017

KOK 48 WORLD GP in MOLDOVA. September 30th Manej Arena.

         PROMO          KOK 48 WORLD GP 2017 in Moldova, September 30th. In this autumn’s show we will see Super fights involving Victor Apostol, Sevastian Alexandru, Andrei Terentii, Dmitrii Sirbu. Vitalie Matei will try to get revenge from Denis Teleshman.    Main event of the evening - final four of light heavyweight

April 1-st 2017

KOK WORLD GP 46, April 1-st 2017 in MOLDOVA.

     PROMO        FEA Presents  King of Kings World GP 2017 Vol 46 in Moldova The long-awaited rematch in the light heavyweight division: Alexandr Burduja versus Vasil Dukar.  Exciting super fight: Cristian Dorel against Tigran Movsisyan.    Spectacular fights counting Serghei Morari, Stanislav Reniță, Aurel Ignat, Nicolae


          PROMO    Final show of the expiring year of KOK WGP 2016 in Moldova Vol.42. We will see the four of fighters on average weight to 85 kg (middleweight) which fighters from Ukraine, Poland, Romania and the Republic of Moldova will provide. Ukraine will be represented by the fighter who already won the admirers Chisinau — Igor Lyapin. On April 9,

FEA presents KOK WORLD GP 01.10.16

   PROMO      October 1st 2016 will become a remarkable day in the world of martial arts. KOK (King Of Kings) vol. 39 will comprise four fighters in the light heavyweight division up to 95kg that represent such countries as Ukraine, Turkey, Romania and the Republic of Moldova.Ukraine will be represented by a fighter who has already been on Chisinau ring. His name is

KOK WGP 2016 in MOLDOVA. April 9th Manej Arena

    PROMO      The future KOK tournament will become the present notice in the world of single combats, in the card of duels fighters of which the public loves. And duels with their participation at once fly up on the first places of a world rating. On April 9th we are waited by excellent fighting show which will give a charge of positive emotions and adrenaline. FEA